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Sharing Growhow: Cultivation Seminar in Salerno, Palazzo Genovese

Appointment September 26, 2022, 6 pm

September 23, 2022

At Palazzo Genovese, in Salerno, on Monday 26 September 2022, at 6 pm, Orange Bud, in collaboration with the Canna Italia company, hosts an interesting seminar on hemp cultivation, “Sharing Growhow” by Pieter Klaassen.

Thanks to manufacturing facilities, test labs around the world, thanks to researchers and developers, who have added years of growhow, the Dutch company CANNA offers a broad and consistent range of high-level substrates, nutrients and additives, giving plants a synergistic boost.

The products of the CANNA line are all 100% natural and have obtained the Control Union certification, therefore they do not contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chemical or synthetic artificial odors, dyes or preservatives.

In addition, they have also obtained Italian organic certification, also having all the requirements for organic farming.

The horticulturist Pieter Klaassen, with a tour throughout Europe, provides information on an innovative cultivation technique, with a varied and targeted range of products of the highest quality.

His “Ten rules of thumb for watering properly” are a must for experts but especially for beginners.

As Paolo Genua, owner of Orange Bud explains: “I strongly wanted this moment of dissemination and sharing. I am proud to be a dealer of Canna Italia, a company that has become the absolute protagonist in the production and marketing of nutrients and substrates for fast-growing plants. The prohibitive expense represented by nutrients and the complexity of sophisticated hydroponic systems pushes an increasing number of growers to adopt CANNA products to meet their personal needs ”.

Maria Rosaria Voccia

Maria Rosaria Voccia

Giornalista, editore e direttore responsabile di e di Storico dell'Arte, sono cittadina del mondo, amo la vita, l'arte, il mare, i gatti... Esperta in giornalismo eco ambientale, tecnico di ingegneria naturalistica, autrice del Format Campania in Fiamme: Criticità & Proposte, mi impegno nelle e per le campagne eco ambientaliste perché desidero un mondo migliore, per noi e per i nostri figli. Sono progettista culturale, ideatrice di Format, organizzatrice e curatrice di eventi.

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